The Retail Manager Forecaster

Predict how a candidate for the position of retail store manager of a franchise will perform across the six critical areas for success in this role.


Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You own a retail store but can’t be there every hour it’s open.
  • Employee morale is lower than it should be and you have higher turnover than you should.
  • When you walk through the door, there’s a feeling of doom and gloom in the air.
  • There’s no “hustle” displayed by staff.
  • Sales are down.


If you’ve chosen the wrong person to run the store as a retail manager, you’ll be experiencing at least one of these symptoms. Your retail store manager can make or break your business. So, the question is: “Is there a way to accurately predict how well someone will do as a retail manager before they’re hired or promoted into the position?”


Yes. You can use a profiling tool developed specifically for that purpose. One that accurately predicts performance. One that gives you the critical selection and training information you need to make an informed decision. One that tells you in no uncertain terms how your candidate stacks up to other successful retail managers.


Over the years, we’ve worked with hundreds of retail franchisors in the Australia, New Zealand, U.S., Canada, Ireland and the U.K. and Saudi Arabia. We’ve helped them grow their businesses by helping them select the best franchisees using the FranchiZe Profile.


Those clients were so impressed with our performance predictions they asked us to do research to see if we could bring the same level of accuracy to selecting retail managers.


The result is the Retail Manager Forecaster. It’s designed to do one thing and one thing only – predict the performance of your candidate in to role of Retail Manager.


That research showed that to be truly successful, retail managers need to be extremely strong in 6 critical areas:

  • Having a positive attitude
  • Treating employees with respect and trust.
  • Very high levels of drive and a very strong work ethic.
  • A high level of comfort with local store marketing.
  • A strong belief that the “customer is king”.
  • Enjoys being around people very much.


None of these are unexpected. If you’ve been involved in retail for any length of time, you already know all these areas are critical to success. However, the difficulty has always been: “How do I measure these areas?” That’s why we’ve distilled the results of our research and made it available in an easy-to-use and easy-to-read format.


Your report will include five sections detailing the future performance of your candidate, this report includes:


A. Performance Predictions

The Retail Manager Forecaster predicts how the candidate will perform compared to other successful store managers. The candidate’s score is provided for a quick assessment. Additionally, the ideal score (in other words, the typical score of the top 25% of store managers) is provided so the candidate’s strengths can be assessed “at-a-glance”


B. Selection Considerations & Development / Training Needs

Each candidate is graphically compared to other store manager using two bar-graphs. The “ideal” store manager’s score is graphically and numerically displayed on the top graph, and the candidate’s score is shown immediately below it. This allows an instant assessment of how the candidate compares to other successful store managers.  Each core value is defined in a simple, one paragraph format. This eliminates the need for manuals or extensive training. The candidate’s score is assessed and rather than getting into a long winded description, the report quickly tells you whether the candidate would likely be a poor performer, an average performer, or an above average performer.


The Retail Manager Forecaster looks at each core value, compares the candidate to other successful managers and then summarizes areas on which you may wish to focus more training. After all, nobody’s perfect. By focusing additional resources in these areas you can help the marginal candidate perform better. That way, everybody wins.


Each core value is presented in its order of importance. Taken together, all these design features lead to an easy-to-read and easy-to-comprehend report which cuts to the very essence of what it takes to be a successful franchisee while still requiring no extensive training to use. All users can immediately benefit from the in-depth knowledge gained from the Retail Manager Forecaster.


C. Selection Rater

The Retail Manager Forecaster provides a handy selection rater and tally sheet to summarize the results of your profiling and interviews. This assists you in making you final decisions.


D. Retail Manager Interview Workbook

Each report comes with a complete set of behavioral style interview questions. These questions are used for all candidates and are designed to help bring consistency to the selection process.


E. Candidate Feedback Section

Each Retail Manager Forecaster comes complete with a mini report to provide to the candidate. Unlike personality profiles which often show inconsistencies between the information an employer and candidate is given, the Retail Manager Forecaster provides the same information to both parties. This provides a common starting ground for further discussions between the interviewer and the candidate.


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