We have found the program very helpful and informative in analysing individuals for the challenges of Franchising. We had previously relied on extensive interview techniques and a lot of “gut feel”. This program (the FranchiZe Profile) enables us to now be very confident about the appointment and selection of people for our growing business. This helps us improve the overall standard of our people and therefore our business as a whole.

Mr. Kevin PetersonManaging Director Video Ezy International (New Zealand) Ltd.


“The management team at Cookie Man are now much more comfortable when accepting a candidate because they feel they have a much better understanding of the motivations, drive, and attitudes of the candidate.”

National Franchise Manager, Cookie Man, AustraliaWarren Billett


“Financial and business experience requirements are not that complicated to evaluate in a prospective franchisee. Background checks, too, are rarely cumbersome. Our challenge has always been evaluation of the candidate on the basis of “people skills” and “management style” to predict performance. We subscribed to the FranchiZe Profile to assist us in selecting franchise candidates that more closely resembled our most successful franchisees and to be more objective in the selection process. We’re extremely pleased with the results. One of the most beneficial results of the profiles has been the “training guide” which has been of tremendous assistance in tailoring training for the specific individual.”

Mr. Phillip (Phil) M. Lewis, JrSkyline Chili, Inc., U.S.A.


“The FranchiZe Profile cuts to the essence of what we need to know about a franchisee. I would not hesitate to recommend it to other people.”

Mr. Terry OdnealVice President Franchise Development, Country Visions, U.S.A.


“Dollond & Aitchison operate 150 franchise businesses across the UK and are committed to the ongoing growth of the business. The recruitment of the best franchisees and matching them to specific franchise operations is essential to success for D&A and the franchisee. We recruit Opticians as our franchisees who traditionally do not have small business or management skills either through work experience or training. Therefore it is essential for us to be able to identify the characteristics and potential of each franchisee applicant. FranchiZe Profiles provide us with an invaluable tool in the recruitment process in matching individual competencies against an Ideal franchisee. Once selected the profile also provides us and the franchisee with an objective assessment of training and personal development. I am more than happy with the support we receive and accuracy of the information in each profile and will continue to use FranchiZe Profiles. I have no doubt that recruiting the right franchisee is the most important decision for any franchisor.”

Phil HorthHead of Franchise Recruitment and Acquisition, Dollond & Aitchison, United Kingdom


“The FranchiZe Profile has been an excellent investment for us. We have had a 100% success rate for franchisees brought aboard who had high marks on the report.”

Mr. Stephen HechtDirector of Leasing & Franchising, Hartco Corporation (franchisor of Canada's largest chain of computer stores)

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