The ServiceStyle Assessor

The staff that franchisees employ will have a major impact on the success of your business. And the success of your franchise brand.
The ServiceStyle Assessor was developed to help you learn how a candidate will match up to other successful customer service staff. Within minutes you’ll know how your applicant compares to successful service staff in 5 critical areas.


The key areas are:

1. Friendliness

Will the applicant be friendly to your customers?  Rude or unfriendly staff can cost your business substantially.


2. Integrity

Will the applicant have integrity when serving others?  Trust is such an important part of being a great customer service provider.


3. Conscientiousness

Is the applicant going to be:

  • Detail oriented which is so critical to making sure things get done right
  • Organised
  • A planner
  • Proactive and able to anticipate customer’s needs?


4. Calmness

Will the applicant stay calm under provocation, or are they likely to loose their temper and fly off the handle at a customer?


5. Competence

Is the applicant competent? Will they:

  • Learn quickly
  • Show persistence
  • Know how to apply knowledge
  • Need things only explained once?


Imagine how franchisees could reduce staff turnover by knowing ahead of time how an applicant compares to other successful service staff. The ServiceStyle Assessor provides clear scores out of 100 for the applicant across each of the five areas above and then also provides the benchmark that successful service staff achieve.


Experience Isn’t a Predictor of Future Performance


You say you don’t need the ServiceStyle Assessor because you only hire experienced service staff?


Just because someone has experience, it doesn’t mean they’re any good at what they do. We’ve all run across people that have years of experience in a job and yet are still terrible at it. That’s why past experience alone is simply not enough. A resume or application can tell you if they’ve held a job, it can’t tell you if the person was good at it. Whenever you’re hiring an experienced person, you’re not only hiring the skills they’ve learned, you’re hiring their bad habits as well.


By having an applicant complete the ServiceStyle Assessor, you’ll know if they have the potential to be truly great once you break them of their bad habits. Or whether those bad habits are the result of their natural tendencies to interact with you, your other staff, and your customers in dysfunctional ways.


A word of caution… Do not use the ServiceStyle Assessor to hire staff for other roles. It will be a waste of money. Like all of our profiles, the ServiceStyle Assessor is designed to tell you what you need to know about one job, and one job only – customer service staff. Sure, you can profile people in other positions, but all you’ll learn is whether the applicant will be good at customer service. No more, no less.



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