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Dynamic Franchisee Assessor

The Dynamic Franchisee Assessor is a de-selection tool, designed to be the “first-cut” assessment of whether the candidate has what it takes to be successful as a franchisee. The Dynamic Franchisee Assessor is a fast and easy way to pre-screen prospective franchisees, and we’ve made it easy on the budget as well.
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The FranchiZe Profile

Our long running franchisee profile has proven ability to predict a candidate’s future performance across the seven dimensions critical for franchisee success. It includes a comprehensive profile report with detailed commentary and clear scores measured against benchmarks.
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The Retail Manager Forecaster

Predict how a candidate for the position of retail store manager of a franchise will perform across the six critical areas for success in this role.
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The ServiceStyle Assessor

The ServiceStyle Assessor was developed to help you learn how a candidate will match up to other successful customer service staff. Within minutes you’ll know how your applicant compares to successful service staff in 5 critical areas.
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