How It Works

Simple on-line system. Send invites > Complete Profile > Receive Report.

All profiles are scored from a secure password protected website. You have the option of having candidates complete a profile using pen & paper, or on the internet.The online control panel allows you to:

send invitations to candidates to complete profiles

determine who in your company gets sent reports

monitor all invitations sent and profiles completed

access your library of completed profiles

have multiple users with differing levels of security to administer your recruitment activities

We understand that your business has its own unique needs and operational methods. That’s why we offer two easy ways to score a profile:

Online Scoring


You can have your candidate complete the profile on our internet scoring site. Once the candidate has completed the questionnaire, an e-mail is sent to everyone on your distribution list within seconds advising that the profile has been done. Attached to that e-mail is the candidate’s report in a secure format. This is our most popular option.

Paper Based Scoring


You can provide the candidate a paper questionnaire and enter the scores yourself on-line. This is useful in cases where your candidates do not have ready internet access.

You can use any combination of these options. You are never locked in to rigidly doing things in one way. Our objective is to make using the profiles as easy as possible for you.

If a profile is scored using the first or second option, you’ll receive a complete report within seconds.

If you’re like other franchisors, you’re probably thinking: “Sounds good, but what’s the catch?” Quite simply, there isn’t one. To prove this we can sign you up for a demo site and you can trial a profile for free to understand exactly how the profile works in action. We suggest you complete a profile yourself so you understand how easy it is for you as a franchisor to administer the profile and also for the franchise candidate.

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