Frequently Asked Questions

How do I administer the profiles?

You will be provided with access to a secure internet site that allows you to undertake all the activities required to administer the profiles. The functionality is too great to list here but you will be able to simply and easily send electronic invitations to candidates and control who in your company receives reports. We’ve been doing this for over 10 years so our simple is refined and proven, you will be up and running in minutes.

Can I trial a profile?

Yes. We can arrange a demo account to be established that allows you to trial the profiles you’re interested in. This is the best way of understanding exactly how the profiling system works in action. You can see how simple it is to administer your candidates and review the quality of the reports. You will also understand what you will be asking of your candidates. Please contact us directly to establish a demo account.

Will you need to benchmark my franchisees?

No. The seven core values are common to virtually every franchise. We’ve done studies on the performance of franchisees across many different industries. Very seldom have we found any differences that were statistically significant. The only time we have seen major differences were in single operator, home based businesses. And even then, the core values still predicted performance accurately. The differences were simply a matter of the weighting given to each core value.

One of the really great things about The FranchiZe Profile is the ability to customise the report for each and every client. Most of our clients use the profile exactly as is… because it works so well for them. They haven’t found it worthwhile to invest all the time it takes to get performance data on their franchisees together. Why bother? The profile is working great for them and the improvements would be of insignificant value.

Can I see a sample report?

Yes. If you contact us directly we can arrange a demo account that allows you to score a profile for free. It is the best way of understanding how the profile works in action.

Does the applicant need to have internet access to complete the questionnaire?

No. All profiles can be completed either online or with a pen and paper and then scored by you online to generate the report. Since there’s no charge incurred until the questionnaire is scored, you can ask every applicant to complete the questionnaire before the interview. Then, if after the interview, you’re still interested in the applicant, you can score the profile.

How long does it take to get started?

As soon as you’re ready to proceed we will need to collect some simple company information from you and we can set up your site and have you ready to score candidates within approximately 15 minutes.

Want to try a free demo?

Make contact and we’ll send you a free demo account that includes 2 free profiles!

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