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Would you like to find a way to profile franchisee candidates accurately?

We’ve been predicting the performance of franchisees since 1988.


Let us show you how you can effortlessly improve your franchisee success rates with The FranchiZe Profile and our unique range of profiling tools. Tools that predict how well a franchise candidate will eventually perform.


You may have tried various methods of improving your franchisee selection process. You’ve probably looked at recruitment profiles. You’ve looked at matching the candidate to your culture. You’ve attempted to match previous experience with your business. And if you’re like other franchisors, you’ve found that none of this has helped.


Our research has proven that attitudes – not personality – are the best predictors of franchisee performance. Beliefs, not personality – drive results. By measuring beliefs and attitudes, we can predict how well a candidate will perform with a minimum 92% accuracy.

Choose the Profile that's right for you...

Dynamic Franchisee Assessor

The Dynamic Franchisee Assessor is a de-selection tool, designed to be the “first-cut” assessment of whether the candidate has what it takes to be successful as a franchisee. The DFA is a fast and easy way to pre-screen prospective franchisees, and we’ve made it easy on the budget as well.

The FranchiZe Profile

Our long running franchisee candidate profile with proven ability to predict a candidate’s future performance across the seven dimensions critical for franchisee success.

The Retail Manager Forecaster

Predict how a candidate for the position of retail store manager of a franchise will perform across the six critical areas for success in this role.

The ServiceStyle Assessor

Your customer service staff have a major impact on the success of your business. This profile helps you select the serve staff that will be successful across the five key areas critical to success in this role.

Franchisee failure is expensive... consider the costs!

Franchisee failure is expensive, every failure is likely to cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars in direct, out of pocket expenses. Plus additional costs in terms of:

    • Aggravation
    • Lost opportunity
    • Distracting you and your staff
    • Unflattering media exposure
    • Potential legal action

Plus, every candidate is trusting you to make the right decision….they’re investing a significant sum in your business. In many cases, their entire life’s savings.

Can you afford to keep on using selection techniques that have little chance of predicting franchisee performance? Going strictly by “gut feel”…. using the “they have money” test…. or trying to adapt something never designed for franchisee selection….

Try what great franchisors are already doing & switch to The FranchiZe Profile.

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